Jesse Jarnow

cosmic clock & “the language of stationary travelers” – the olivia tremor control

“The Language of Stationary Travelers” – The Olivia Tremor Control (download here)
from Jumping Fences EP (1998)
released by Blue Rose (buy)

(file expires February 5th.)

Finally, some more of Dad’s animation on YouTube! Here, in the first of what will hopefully become a regular series, is “Cosmic Clock,” one my personal faves. Originally aired on PBS’s 3-2-1 Contact, “Cosmic Clock” is to linear time what the Powers of Ten was to physical space. For an alternate soundtrack, try the above “Language of Stationary Travelers” by the Olivia Tremor Control. (When the animation ends just, y’know, start the Olivias again.)

see also: Yak!


  1. Scotty (Q) says: - reply

    When do we get to see “Jesse’s 1st Year of Life?”

  2. Jon says: - reply

    hear hear!

  3. Jesse says: - reply

    Sadly, I don’t yet have a digital copy of Jesse: The First Year. Eventually. Before that, I’ve got at least another half-dozen mind-expanding shorts that don’t’t involve me naked & gurgling. Phew.

  4. Laura says: - reply

    Yay! I’m excited to see the rest, but disappointed about J1YoL..I’m fascinated by the idea. Keep ’em coming!

  5. Erin says: - reply

    Fantastic. And I actually REMEMBER the yak video from a million billion years ago. You please me, as always.

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