Jesse Jarnow

manual for the robots.

It’s not really a consolation, but I am glad that I never dislodged the teetering stack of favorite CDs from the top of the stereo. The sudden death of my iPod (as opposed to probable theft by a lesbian stripper) will at least give me a chance to reacquaint myself with the quaint fetish objects, such as the Automatic For the People disc I accidentally got blood on when I didn’t realize my finger was bleeding one late night in high school (still there on the surface, a brown-red smudge atop the timing of “Monty Got A Raw Deal”)…

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  1. Brad Flynn says: - reply

    Now, I don’t own any type of portable mp3 device, but I do know what it’s like to lose music, and thus rediscover old friends. Be grateful for “Automatic For the People”. I’m no big REM fan, but every track on that album moves me, every time (which is rarely) that I listen to it. Enjoy

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