Jesse Jarnow

links of dubious usefulness, no. 5

Here are five pages I have bookmarked recently but not yet fully absorbed. I am glad I know where this information is located.

o Jeff Duntemann’s gallery of homemade radios. The guts of these projects are gorgeous. (Thanx, BB.)

o A collection of historical celestial atlases and star maps. (Word, Kircherians.)

o YouTube has the original, 1994 short film of Wes Anderson’s Bottle Rocket. I’m looking forward to watching this one. (Yepyep, Kottke.)

o A list of various “open content” projects currently occurring in Brazil, including details about Gilberto Gil and John Perry Barlow’s Canto Livre program, which aims to digitize Brazilian culture, assign Creative Commons licenses, and distribute via peer-to-peer networks. See also the Estudio Livre program, a series of public, government-funded recording studios run on open source software.

o The second episode of Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour is available for free via the same route as the first. (username: press1, password: xmr0ck5!) It is a great pleasure to come back from a night out and be able to fire up the freshy Bobmix. (Big ups, Expecting Rain.)


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