Jesse Jarnow

links of dubious usefulness, no. 4

o Optical Atlas is the blogosphere’s first full-service Elephant 6 Recording Company resource. The last week has been full of news (an E6 documentary!) and goodies (a stunningly crisp, segue-loaded uncirculated Neutral Milk Hotel soundboard from ’97).

o Robert Hillburn interviews Jack White on the occasion of the debut of The Raconteurs, his extracurricular modern pop quartet with Brendan Benson.

o Alexandre Matias’s “The Dark Side of Tropicália, part 1,” published by Perfect Sound Forever in 2003, argues (essentially) that the tropicalistas have assumed an omnipresent cultural dominance in Brazil not unlike their baby boomer equivalents in the United States. Matias’s argument is as uncommon as it is well reasoned. Definitely an interesting read. (But where’s part 2?)

o Back in December, Nature published an article that claimed Wikipedia was only marginally more error-ridden than the mighty Encyclopedia Britannica. Britannica has fired back. Like many, I’m rather enamored with Wikipedia, and this is heartily disheartening on all counts. Nature refuses to retract the piece. (Thanks, Russ.)


  1. matt says: - reply

    Why am I not surprised that Andrew Orlowski is behind the register article? Are there any credible sources giving this story any credance?

  2. Jesse says: - reply

    Huh. I haven’t looked for them. Is Andrew Orlowski known for sketchiness?

  3. matt says: - reply

    I just did a little poking to see if I could come up with a good link, but there are just so many. Do a technorati search on Orlowski and you’ll find that the man is not well liked among bloggers.
    Actually, the Register in general is seen by a lot of people as a shaky source for information with no qualms about mixing journalism with opinion.
    I’m not saying everything they print is crap, but I would deffinetly look for another source before giving to much credance to what they write.

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