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frow show, episode 7

Shiek Andy just posted the newest installment of the Frow Show. Word to your mother, Andy!

Listen here.

1. “In and Out of Grace” – Mudhoney (from Superfuzz Bigmuff plus Early Singles)
2. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
3. “5:30” – DNA (from New York Noise: Dance Music From The New York Underground, 1978-1982)
4. “Corrinna” – Ralph White (from Trash Fish)
5. “When the Stars Shine” – The Instruments (from Billions of Phonographs)
6. “You Can’t See The Stars In This Town” – Sam Champion (from Slow Rewind)
7. “Rocket #9” – Sun Ra (from The Singles)
8. “Second Movement” – Glenn Branca (from Symphony No. 6 (Devil Choirs at the Gates of Heaven))
9. “Sunken Treasure” – Wilco (from June 28, 2005, Metropolis, Montreal, Quebec)
10. “I Shall Not Be Moved” – Mississippi John Hurt (from Live)
11. “Accidentally Like A Martyr” – Jerry Garcia (from All Good Things box set)
12. “I’m Not Here 1956” – Bob Dylan (from Complete Basement Tapes bootleg)


  1. Wednesday Links

    I’ve updated the Langerado 2006 downloads page with Hot Buttered Rum’s set. Full disclosure: Who’s Being Promoted and Who’s Promoting It | One Louder If you haven’t read this, do it now. Do it. Rock out to Jesse Jarnow’s Frow…

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    Great reading, keep up the great posts.
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