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i’m so tired (ylt, night 8)

My mind is on the blink. One more night in Hoboken kept 2005 in suspended animation, so the New Year doesn’t really begin ’til I wake up tomorrow. So it goes. One more night, a few more bust-outs (finally got “Tiny Birds”), one more version of Serge Gainsbourg’s “Je T’Aime.” Happy Hanukah. Thanks, YLT.

Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
1 January 2006
*(Hanukah, night 8)*
Lois and FruitBoots opened.

Mix disc by Cornelius.

Holiday (Madonna)
Eight Day Weekend (Gary Lewis)
Cherry Chapstick
Season of the Shark
The Summer
Autumn Sweater
Tiny Birds
Nowhere Near
Sudden Organ
Styles of the Times
Tom Courtenay
Blue Line Swinger
Eight Days A Week (The Beatles)

Matter of Trust (Billy Joel, with, ahem, Matter of Trust, featuring Jons Benjamin & Glaser, Todd Barry, etc.)
Rocks Off (The Rolling Stones)
Don’t Make My Baby Blue (Cynthia Weill/Barry Mann, with Lois on vocals and Bruce Bennett on guitar)
Je T’Aime (Serge Gainsbourg, with Lois and Gaylord Fields)
Dream A Little Dream of Me (W. Schwant/F. Andre/ G. Kahn, with Lois on vocals)


  1. dave g. says: - reply

    Wow. Missed Yo La Tengo covering my favorite Rolling Stones song. Life can be harsh.

  2. sam says: - reply

    so, last year on the eigth night, they played a version of eight days a week. but it really sounded like they were singing “one days a week”. did they do that this year? does anybody understand why they did that last year?

  3. Jesse says: - reply

    Last year, they opened the run with “Eight Days A Week,” played it again the next night and (countdown style) sang it “Seven Days A Week,” and — by the final night of Hanukah — sang it “One Day A Week” (along with Bob Dylan’s “One More Night”). This year, they just sang the normal lyrics.

  4. Brandon says: - reply

    Hey Jesse – Brandon here. The guy with the black coat and the microphones at most Hanukkah shows. Nice meeting you at Maxwell’s. Just found the blog… good to get a levelheaded report on the week, since it’s all becoming a blur in my mind. That’s why we have the recordings, though. Some are being posted on this very minute. If you can’t get on the site, drop me an email.

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