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“all things must pass” – george harrison

“All Things Must Pass” – George Harrison
from All Things Must Pass (1970)
released by Apple Records (buy)

(file expires on January 18th)

I’ve long loved the White Album-era demo for this tune, included on Anthology (and even put it on my Hanukah mix), but — for some reason — had never really given much credence to the official version. Randomly, the same week, Ira from Yo La Tengo chose to put the album rendition on his Hanukah mix (right after the Tall Dwarfs’ “Meet the Beatle,” a hilarious account of an encounter with George Harrison himself, who denied that he was George Harrison). And, man, has it ever sunk in.

Beyond George’s beautiful and uplifting melody — and the fact that it’s a song exactly as slow as it should be — I love the Phil Spectorness of it all: the impossibly bright horns, the sunbeaming steel guitar, the angelic strings. For some reason, the music has just hit me absolutely over the past week. I’m not even particularly down right now. I’m doing quite well (dank you vedy much), so it’s not a particular comfort thing. It’s just pure pleasure. In Vegas and since, at the end of the day, I’ve wanted to do nothing more but listen to this song two or three times consecutively (as I’m doing right now). Happiness abounds.


  1. Randy Ray says: - reply

    I remember the first song I heard on the radio after Harrison’s passing was “Isn’t It A Pity” from the same 3-LP gem (god, I love albums) and, man, I almost lost it…

  2. ariella says: - reply

    the whole album (all things must pass) is a gem imo

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