Jesse Jarnow

irie acetone & yo jah tengo (ylt, night 2)

An effervescent Boxing Day at Maxwell’s. First half of the set was particularly graceful. Precise “Pez Drop” opener (the “bah bah bah bah”s were still in my head waiting for the PATH), purdy-like “Our Way To Fall,” neatly swinging “Tony Orlando,” and delicious Acetone action/two-note riffage on “Big Day Coming.”

Ira is also posting about the run on

Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
26 December 2005
*(Hanukah, night 2)*
PG Six and Todd Barry opened.

Mix disc by Georgia.

Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop
Our Way To Fall
We’re An American Band
Today is the Day (fast version)
Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1)
Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House
Season of the Shark
Little Eyes
The Empty Pool
She’s My Best Friend (Velvet Underground)
Big Day Coming (fast version)
Drug Test
Tom Courtenay
Blue Line Swinger
Flowers of the Forest (Fairport Convention, no drums, with Patrick Gubler and Bob Banister (sp?) of PG Six)

Jeepster (T-Rex, with PG & BB, Todd Barry on drums)
Time (Richard Hell) (with PG & BB)
Burning For You (Blue Oyster Cult)

(thanks to Sam for plugging the holes in night 1, all help appreciated…)


  1. dave g. says: - reply

    hey Jesse,
    while the name of the first encore song escapes me, it was most def. a T-Rex song. Jews rock!

  2. Pulpio says: - reply

    It was “Jeepster.”

  3. Spolansky says: - reply

    Todd sat in on drums for the first encore which I believe was Jeepster

  4. ariella says: - reply

    awesome work. see you tonight!

  5. Neil d says: - reply

    The song after “Little Eyes” was “The Empty Pool” off of Ride the Tiger. And the set closer, which baffled me, Ira revealed on to be “Flowers of the Forest” by Fairport Convention.
    An excellent show, especially a killer “Big Day Coming” and “Blue Line Swinger.” Looking forward to seeing them again Friday, and reading about the rest here.

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