Jesse Jarnow

…and crawled off to sleep in the bath.


  1. Randy Ray says: - reply

    It’s been very rough,
    But it’s getting easier now,
    Hard times are over, over for a while,
    The streams are twinkling in the sun,
    And I’m smiling inside,
    You and I walking together ’round the street corner,
    Hard times are over,
    Hard times are over,
    Hard times are over, over for a while.

  2. Randy Ray says: - reply

    And I meant no disrespect to John Lennon by using his last song on Double Fantasy to illustrate a somewhat prophetic ending to his corporeal being. Like the talented NY writer whose very blog where this great photograph resides, Lennon was a compassionate, intelligent and witty wordsmith that made the impossible seem oh so easy. Cheers and may you still be making heady music in that Great Big Tub in the 12th Dimension.

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